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Nick Clooney                                                                         
Name: Nick Clooney                                                                   
Born: January 13, 1934 Maysville, Kentucky, U.S.                                     
Nicholas Clooney (born January 13, 1934) is an American television journalist,       
anchorman, game show and American Movie Classics host, as well as a politician       
from the state of Kentucky. He is the brother of singer Rosemary Clooney, and         
the father of actor/film director George Clooney.                                     
Clooney was born Nicholas Joseph Clooney in Maysville, Kentucky, the son of           
Frances Marie (née Guilfoyle) and Andrew Joseph Clooney.[1] After a stint in the     
Army where he achieved a non-commissioned rank of corporal, he moved to               
California for a try at show business. When that did not work out, Clooney moved     
to Ohio, where he met his wife, Nina, when she was a contestant in a beauty           
pageant he was judging.