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Name: Neil Bush                                                                         
Born: January 22, 1955 Midland, Texas                                                   
Neil Mallon Bush (born January 22, 1955 in Midland, Texas) is the fourth of six         
children of President George Herbert Walker Bush and Barbara Bush (Barbara Lane         
Pierce). Neil is the younger brother of President George Walker Bush, former           
Florida Governor Jeb Bush, and the late Robin Bush who died of leukemia in 1953.       
He has a younger brother, Marvin, and a younger sister, Dorothy. Neil is a             
businessman based in Texas.                                                             
Neil Bush was named after a good friend of the family, Henry Neil Mallon,               
chairman of Dresser Industries, George H. W. Bush's employer. As a child Bush           
spent some summers and holidays at his family's estate in Maine, the Bush               
At age 11, he entered the exclusive private St. Albans School in Washington, DC.       
He struggled through school. A counselor told his mother that it was doubtful           
the boy had the potential to graduate. He was later diagnosed as having dyslexia,       
and his mother spent much time coaching him through his learning disability.           
Eventually his grades improved and he graduated from St. Albans in 1973.               
After St. Albans, Bush attended Tulane University, where he earned an economics         
degree in 1977. He earned an MBA in 1979.                                               
Neil Mallon Bush is the leftmost person in the front row in this photograph of         
the Bush family taken in the early 1960s.