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Name: Kevin "Al" Archer                                                           
Kevin "Al" Archer is an English guitarist. He played with Kevin Rowland in the   
punk rock group The Killjoys, and in 1978 Rowland and Archer formed the Dexys     
Midnight Runners, and co-wrote some of the songs on the group's debut album       
Searching for the Young Soul Rebels. He used the name "Al" because Kevin Rowland 
decided that the group was not big enough to accommodate two Kevins. After the   
first album, Archer left the group and formed The Blue Ox Babes.                 
In September 2007, the same Kevin Archer was found in The Kidderminster Shuttle   
(Sept 13th 2007) advertising Guitar Tuition lessons.                             
Al got the name "Al" when Kevin Rowland told him ,upon the formation of Dexys     
Midnight Runners ,that "there was only enough room for one Kevin in this band"