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Name: Elizabeth Monroe                                                                   
Elizabeth Monroe (née Kortright), (June 30, 1768 – September 23, 1830) was the       
wife of James Monroe, fifth President of the United States.                             
Descended from an old New York family with Dutch roots, Elizabeth married the 27-year-old
James Monroe, then a lawyer, when she was a beautiful girl of 17. Later, while           
Monroe was posted as envoy to the Court of Versailles in the midst of the French         
Revolution, she intervened with authorities to gain the release of Madame               
LaFayette, wife of the Marquis de Lafayette when she learned of her imprisonment         
and pending death by guillotine.                                                         
The wedding of their daughter, Maria Hester Monroe and Samuel L. Gouverneur, was         
the first to be held in the White House. However, during her years in the White         
House, Elizabeth suffered from a health decline, which curtailed her activities         
as the First Lady.                                                                       
The Washington society thought Elizabeth Monroe was aloof and snobbish due to           
her poor health, but her husband, James Monroe, did nothing to defend her.               
Retiring sickly and suffering several long illnesses, Elizabeth died on                 
September 23, 1830 aged 62, at her home, Oak Hill. She was interred at Hollywood         
Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia.