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Name: Darva Conger                                                             
Born: 21 September 1966                                                         
Darva Conger (born September 21, 1966) is a former emergency room nurse who was 
selected as the winner on the 2000 reality television show Who Wants to Marry a 
In the show, which aired as a single 2-hour broadcast, 50 women competed to be 
the bride of an unknown millionaire they did not see during the show except in 
silhouette. At the end of the show on February 15, 2000, "millionaire" Rick     
Rockwell chose Conger to be his wife and married her on the spot. In addition to
being wed to Rockwell, Conger also won a 3-carat (600 mg) diamond ring and more 
than US$100,000 in prizes. After the honeymoon, it was announced that Conger was
seeking an annulment, saying Rockwell had misrepresented himself. The annulment 
was finalized on April 5. Conger was the focus of media attention for not only 
winning the "contest" but also for getting an annulment so quickly after the   
After the show aired, Conger made numerous public comments about               
how she was offended by Rockwell's forcibly kissing her on stage, that they     
never consummated their marriage, and how the entire episode went against her   
set of morals. She posed nude for Playboy magazine in the August 2000 issue.   
She has since remarried, to Jim Arellano, and currently lives with her mother, 
former actress Susan Harrison, in Thousand Oaks, California.