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Varahgni Venkata Giri was the fourth President of the Indian Republic. He was born at Berhampur, Ganjan district of Orissa on August 10, 1894. He studied up to intermediate class at Khali Kota College, Behrampore and then proceeded to Ireland for higher education. He got his degree in Law from the National University of Dublin.


On his return, he set up his legal practice at Bangalore in 1916 and participated in the Home Rule agitation by Mrs. Annie Besant. In 1921 he, along with his father Jogaiah Pantheelen, joined the Non-Cooperation Movement. Along with his fellow Congress workers, he formed the All India Trade Union Congress and became its President. During the Quit India Movement, Giri was detained for four years. He was elected to the Madras Legislative Assembly in 1946. In 1952, he became the Union Minister for Labour in Nehru’s cabinet. He served as the Governor of Uttar Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka. Later he became the President of India and served till 1974. He passed away in 1980.