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Born: on 31 August 1970 in Kuwait                                                     
Completed primary and secondary education in Kuwait                                   
1991 obtained Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the American       
University in Cairo                                                                   
Early professional career in banking and information technology                       
Married His Majesty King Abdullah, then Prince, on 10 June 1993                       
Mother of four children; HRH Prince Hussein 28 June, 1994; HRH Princess Iman 27       
September, 1996; HRH Princess Salma 26 September, 2000 and HRH Prince Hashem 30       
January, 2005.                                                                       
PrintDown “We, Abdullah bin Al-Hussein II, King of the Hashemite Kingdom of         
Jordan, bestow hereby upon Our Companion, Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah,       
the highest medal of “Al Hussein bin Ali”, in appreciation of Her noble traits   
and qualities, and in recognition of Her unique and leading role in the further       
advancement of Jordan’s society and its creative talents, and in serving Our       
Jordanian people in various spheres and fields, and for what She holds in             
tolerance, humility, selflessness, and commitment to carrying the noble message       
of this Arab nation and devotion for its well-being”                               
King Abdullah bin Al-Hussein                                                         
Conferment of the Al-Hussein bin Ali Order, Coronation Day, 9 June 1999               
Their Majesties King Abdullah and Queen Rania in their motorcade, waving at           
crowds in the streets of Amman on Coronation Day.