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Ram Naresh Yadav is the former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh who belongs to the Other Backward Classes.


He was born on July 1, 1928 at Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh. He belonged to a humble family. He was interested in social work and joined politics. He entered the Lok Sabha in 1977. Ram Naresh Yadav was considered a low-profile politician. Circumstances put him in the chair of Chief Minister.


Unfortunately, he had no experience of administration. He lacked the abilities to rule the huge and complicated state of Uttar Pradesh. Even as the Chief Minister, he continued to be a loner. The office of Chief Minister bore a deserted look because nobody believed in his authority. The bureaucrats of the state had a field day because they knew about the inexperience of the Chief Minister.


Nonetheless, Yadav proved to be an honest politician. He leads a simple life.