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A Marxist leader, Ram Manohar Lohia was born on March 23, 1910 at Akbarpur in the district of Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh. He obtained his doctorate degree from Berlin University, Germany.


Lohia’s unique achievement is the manner in which he evolved the socialist movement in India. Later, he became the founder member of the Congress Socialist Party in India in 1934. In 1939, he was arrested on the charge of delivering speeches which urged Indians to boycott all governmental institutions. During the Quit India Movement he rigorously wrote articles to spread the message of toppling the British imperialist government not only in Asia but also from Africa. He, along with Usha Mehta, was involved in running a secret radio station called ‘Congress Radio’.


He was the first who mooted the idea of unification of some 650 Indian princely states together to form larger states. He began the movement for independence of Goa in 1946. He died on October 12,1967.