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Date of Birth:1957 


Place of Birth: Saudi Arabia 


Height: 6′4" to 6′6" 


Osama bin Laden was a Mujahadin who fought against the Russian Forces that occupied Afgahsitan, he gained popularity due to his role in supplying of weapons and economic power to Taliban that ultimately lead the Russians to run away. After driving Russians out he took arms against America and  initially successfully killed many Us Armed forces but after a while he declared war against American Civilians which have resulted in many civilian deaths of Americans .In 2003 he also targeted many Muslim countries and killed many innocent civilians.2003, his organization targeted a apartment complex in Saudi Arabia which was home of Middle Class Arab Muslims .His popularity has dropped after he turned a terrorist from a Jihadi (Holy Fighter).


Bin Laden was born in 1957, the 17th of an estimated 52 children of a well-connected multimillionaire Saudi construction magnate. He studied at a Saudi university and took part in the family business, the bin Laden Group, inheriting millions when his father died in 1968.


In 1979, bin Laden went to Afghanistan to fight the Soviets alongside the Afghan resistance fighters known as the mujahedeen.


He used his family’s connections and wealth to raise money for the Afghan resistance and provide the mujahedeen with logistical and humanitarian aid, and participated in battles in the Afghan war.


The United States, via the CIA, poured $3 billion into the Afghan resistance during the 1980s, providing weapons and other resources for bin Laden and thousands of others who would become his most loyal, fierce supporters.


The war, which ended with the Soviets’ humiliating withdrawal from Afghanistan in 1989, had a profound effect on bin Laden, he later said.