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The former Chief Minister of Delhi, Madan Lai Khurana was born on October 15, 1936 at Lyallpur in West Punjab (now in Pakistan). Khurana got his post graduation degree and B.Ed, degree from Allahabad University and Gandhi Memorial College, Srinagar. In 1965, he was appointed General-Secretary of Bhartiya Jana Sangh, Delhi. Later he held various posts in Delhi Metropolitan Council and Bhartiya Jana Sangh. His service to the party and Delhi was given due recognition when he was elected President of B. J.P. Delhi.


Madan Lai Khurana was elected to the 9th Lok Sabha in 1989. He became the party’s All-India Secretary in 1990. Khurana was sworn in as Chief Minister of Delhi in 1993 and held this post till 1996. He successfully contested the Lok Sabha elections in 1998 and 1999. During this period he became the Union Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Urban and Rural Development.