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Khufu , (Cheops)                                                                       
Known as:  Cheops                                                                       
Category:  Egyptian King                                                               
Born:  26th century B.C.                                                               
Died:  26th century B.C.                                                               
Overview:  Reign: 2589 - 2566 BC                                                       
Dynasty: 4                                                                             
Biography:  Khufu seems to have been somewhat like his father, Snefru. Both             
reigned for around 24 years and both started military expeditions to the Sinai         
Peninsula. Although only a single small statuete of Khufu himself exists, he has       
one of the largest and most enduring monuments of all the ancient world - the           
Great Pyramid at Giza. Covering over 13 acres, Khufu's Great Pyramid was the           
first at Giza and was the tallest manmade structure until the early 19th century.       
The pyramid is considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world                 
and remains a famous tourist spot and a source of archaeological mystery.