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Gurdial Singh Dhillon, a versatile personality from Punjab, was born on August 6,1915 at Panjwar. He received his higher education at Amritsar and Lahore. After finishing his law education, he started practicing law, but the sense of patriotism and concern for his fellow beings prevailed over him. Therefore, he joined the freedom struggle and the Kisan Movement.


After India’s Independence, he engaged himself in the field of journalism. He became the Chief Editor of the Urdu daily ‘Sher-e-Bharat’. From 1952 to 1967, he was associated with the Punjab Legislative Assembly. He entered Parliament in 1967 as a member of the Congress Party. Dhillon had the distinction of being the youngest Speaker of the Lok Sabha till then. He was re-election as the speaker of Lok Sabha in 1971. In recognition of his contribution to the promotion of the ideals of the Inter Parliamentary Union (LEU.), Dhillon was honoured with the I.EU. Award in 1993, posthumously. He passed away on March 23,1992.