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Vyas does not signify the name of any one person. It is a title Ved Vyas, the author of the Mahabharata, is called ‘Ved Vyas’ because it was he who classified the Vedas into four branches. His hermitage was in Badari and he was therefore known as ‘Badarayana’. Accordings to mythology Vyasa grew into manhood shortly after his birth and was well versed in the ‘Vyasa’, the ‘Shastras’, the ‘Puranas’, poetry, history and other branches of learning, He was ripe in wisdom. Then he left for Badari for his tapasya. Later; he took his mother Satyawati in the forest to spend the last days of her life there.


Without Vyas, there would no Kauravas, no Padavas and no ‘Mahabharata’ War-or the Mahabharata story, either. It was Vyas himself who gave the story of Mahabharata to manking. It is said that it was Lord Brahma who motivated him to write the story of the Mahabharate with the help of Lord Ganesha. He saw the rise of quite a number of powerful kings and dynasties. Being a ‘rishi’ who could live for hundreds of years, it is believed that he is still living in Badari.