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An epitome of devotion, an apostle of affection, a proponent of Sanatan Dharma and a supporter of social welfare, H.H. Vaishnavacharya Goswami 108 Shri Indirabetiji Mahodaya is lovingly known as ‘Jiji’. She is a prominent spiritual leader of Hinduism and pushtimary. She is a revered icon of a multitude of devotees worldwide.


Pujya Jiji was born on September 3, 1939 . She was initiated into learning scriptures by her scholar father. She extended her studey of Narhari Maharaj and Shri Nagardes Banbania . She earned her Masters in Sanskrit and later attained the title of Acharya.


Today, she is a well respected scholar of scriptures. To spiritually enlighten her devotees, she regularly delivers discourses or scriptures such as ‘Shrimad bhagavat’and ‘Shrimad Bhagavat Geeta’Bhagavat Geeta’. She is an inspirer and spiritual benefactor of many temples and religious organizations around the world. She leads a simple, selfless, celibate and purposeful life.