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Swami Ram Tirth was a great Vedantic scholar. He was born on Ocobter 22, 1873, at Murli, Gujaranwala (Now in Pakistan). His father was Pandit Hinachant and he was extremely poor. He studied Urdu, Persian and Sanskrit. He stood first in B.A. He declined to appear for the I.C.S. examination because of his inclination towards spiritualism. Latter, he got attracted towards the Himalaya and set out to travel there.


Swami Ram Tuith, Mesmerised Father Scott, with his knowledge and was drawn towards spiritualism after finishing his education. He announced renunciation at a young age and became famous all over the world in 1901. He went to Japan in 1902 and enthralled the public there with his preaching. He lighted the lamp of Indian spiritualism in the United States of America also. He impressed thousands of people during his travels. He was also honoured in Egypt. Throughout his life, Swami Ram Tirth emphasized on individual and national individual and national independence. He was a pathfinder for the Youth. He attained ‘Samadhi’ on October17, 1906.