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  Name: Sun Myung Moon                                                             
  Born: 25 February 1920                                                           
  Sun Myung Moon (born February 25, 1920; lunar: January 6, 1920) founded the       
  Unification Church (later renamed Family Federation for World Peace and           
  Unification) on May 1, 1954, in Seoul, South Korea. Moon's teaching is the       
  Divine Principle, and he is the leader of the Unification Movement, which         
  includes many organizations. He considers himself to be the Messiah and the       
  Second Coming of Christ. He is well-known for holding, since 1960,               
  Blessing ceremonies, which are often called "mass weddings"; and for founding     
  The Washington Times newspaper in 1982. Moon has been among the most             
  controversial modern religious leaders, and has been widely criticized.