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Sri  Ravishankar was born in pious family as a divine child in 1956. He could easily recite the chants of Bhavagatam by heart at the age of four. In his prime age he spent his time with the transcendental guru Maharishi Mahesh yogi. He received the traditional education of many scriputures. He got the degree in science. But his inclination towards spiritual knowledge was recongnised even in the western countries. He is the only non-westerner to serve on the advisory board of Yale University ’s School of Divinity .


He conducts couses on the Art of Living. The core of this course is the patented ‘Sudarshana Kriya’. This yogic practice is recognized by W.H.O. as a positive health tool and stress management techjnique. His ‘5 H programme’ is founded to address the needs of individuals and professionals affected by the criminal justice system. He suggests his disciples to have the first-hand experience in the art of living the life with joy and harmony.