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The founder of the Yoga Institute in Santa Cruz Mumbai, Shri Yogendra was born on November 18, 1897 . He left his home while he was an adolescent. Thereafter, he met Guru Paramahamsa Medhava Dasaji. Here, he learnt yoga and spread the Benefits of yoga throughour the world. He was also responsible for the revival of the ideals of classical yoga.


Shri yogendra, going against the so-called yogic life, married Sita Devi. He also taught yoga to his wife. In 1918, he founded Yersova (Yoga Institute) at Mumbai and Sita Devi become the secretary of the Institute. Shri Yogendra’s made yoga accessible to all. In 1919, he established another yoga institute in New york .


Shri yogendra Believed that yoga is the art of living. His earnest desire was that the common man should be able to follow it. He believed that ‘Yoga is full of richness with clear-cut practices for attainment of self realisation’. Shri Yogendraji passed away in 1989.