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Sri Gajanan Maharaj was great saint of Shegaon. He was a siddha and was obivious of his surroundings. He used to lie anywhere, eat anything, wear any piece of cloth or move naked. People used to offer him rich clothes, ornaments, money and food. He used to discard and detest these things and move away. Devotees often felt peaceful in his presence. They used to feel elevated in his company.


Gajanan Maharaj was yogi. He had withdrawn mentally from all material desires. Anyone advanced in yoga would know that Maharaj was thinking about this and the other world with equanimity. This attitude is usually found in all grate saints. Some people believe that he was an erudite scholar and he knew the ‘Vedas’ by heart. Some people had heard Maharaj reciting Vedic hymns.


Gajanan Maharaj left his body and entered Samadhi on his death. A temple was erected on the spot where he left his body. Devotees visit Shegaon and feel his presence.