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Guru Ravidas is hailed as the liberator of the common people, representing the voice of the suppressed and non-privileged humanity He was chamar by birth - a cobbler one among the untouchables. He was born in the village Mandoor Garh, on the outskirts of Kashi (Benaras) around 1376 and 1377 A.D. He was born on Sunday (Ravivar) and hence he was christened Ravidas.


Ravidas’s principle teaching was that he was worships God becomes a man of God. High and low castes are meaningless and absurd. All are equal and everyone should enjoy the fruits of equality and fraternity and can aspire for spiritual attainment. He brought self respect and prestige to the humblest.


Ravidas’s greatness lies in the fact that forty of his verses are included in the Guru Granth Sahib, his disciples include the Queen jhali of chittoor and Mirabai. His date of death is said to be sometime in 1527 A.D. This means that he had a long life span of 150 years.