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One of the great scholar saints, Saint Dyaneshwar is still remembered with great reverence. Born in 1271 to Vithal Pant and Rukmini, he had a difficult childhood.


He lost his parents at an early age. Orphaned and poor, Dyander and his siblings had to depend on alms for their living. However, his preaching brought him fame and extended his influence in the area. He was deeply interested in the study of scriptures and in religious practices. He tried to remove social disparities by educating people through his experiences and anecdotes of life.


He came to Newa in 1288. He composed ‘Dyaneshwari’, whic holds pride of place in the Indian scriptures, philosophical treatises and also in Marathi literature. He knew many languages and words; as many; 56 languages can be found in ‘Dyaneshwari’. He mastered the ‘Gita1 whe he was only 15 years old. A sizeable section of Indian society is st influenced by Saint Dyaneshwar’s teachings. He died in 1296.