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Saint Andal was born in 10th century at Tanjavur in Tamil Nadu. She wrote many devotional songs eulogising the Lord Krishna. Her two magnificent poems are still used in worship.


She was brought up by Perilyalwar, not the real father. Andal did not marry throughout her life, she rather wished to marry Vishnu, both spiritually and physically. She is sometimes known by a phrase which means ‘She gave garlands that had been worn’. Andal’s poetry is replete with an earnest desire for union with her chosen Lord Krishna.


Her name translates as saviour or saint and she is also known as Saint Goda. The Nacciyar Tirumoli, which is about the love of Andal for Vishnu and Andal as beloved, is a Vaishanva marriage classic. As a consequence of Andal’s life, the notion of God as a literal spouse has become part of the cultural norms of India. Andal was definitely a pioneer of this unique path of devotion.