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Sadhguru Jaggi is one of the most profound mystics and yogis of the contemporary era. He believes that he has been born on the earth to help people to manifest their divinity.


Jaggi Vasudev was born in Mysore, India. At an early age of 13, he started yogic practice like ‘Pranayams’ and Asanas’ under the guidance of Shree Raghavendra Rao. Although he did his graduation from the Mysore University in Karnataka, at the age of 25, he had a deep experience of the self that made him renounce all the material prosperity that he had achieved.


In 1992, the Sadhguru, along with his disciples, founded the Isha Yoga Centre and the Ashram at Poondi near Coimbatore. He does not advocate renouncing the world but believes that life can be enjoyed to the fullest within its sphere of existence. laggi has invented the techniques of meditation and Pranayam that allows people to engineer their inner energies and bring balance into a man’s life.