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The Lord Vishnu being the Creator,.Sustainer,.destructor,.all the  cosmic evolution is due to Lord Vishnu,.His grace can be attained by severe tapasya,.Lord Vishnu has got many incarnations,.many people in the olden days(before thousands of years) had got meditational powers by doing tapasya for 1000’s of years,.they got many divya-astras,.many powerfull weapons from the Lords,.So these weapons created many problems to people living in the country,.many people have died,.so Lord Vishnu has got many incarnations to destroy these weapons,.and killed many many demons who created many problems to the people,.and Lord Vishnu have given much more things to his devotees and saved his devotees,.




The salvation of life can only be attained by Lord Vishnu,.The salvation of life cannot be attained by Lord Shiva,.and Lord Brahma,.Lord Narada,.being the son of Lord Brahma,.a very great devotee of Lord Vishnu,.he chants Narayana,.Narayana,.where ever he go,.when ever he starts a work,.mostly at every time,.so he became a great devotee by chanting Narayana,.Narayana,.at most of the times,.Cleanliness is next to godliness,.so one should be clean,.pure and sacred,.before chanting the Lord Vishnu,.