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Mahamandaleshwar Santoshi Mataji was born in 1962 at Dehradun, the outskirts of the Himalayas. Her calm and spiritual nature swayed her father so much that he started calling her by the name of ‘Santoshi’.


By the age of seven, she had already toured various places with her father to spread religious enlightenment. She was ordained by Swami Nrisingh Giviji at the Kumbh in 1974, when she attained the age of 12.1 But her major part of education was imparted by her father Jyoti Swarupanadji. It did not take too much time for her to master Vedant, Law and many other dharmashashtras.


In 1981, on the request of her disciples, she established the Shakti Upasana Trust in Kankhal. In 1982, she ran a spiritual camp during the Ardahkumbha at Prayag on behalf of the Trust. In 1986, at the young age of 24, she was bestowed with the title of Mahamandaleshwar by the Nrianjani Akhara. Her learning and wisdom is acknowledged by all.