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Kabir is one of the great luminaries who occupy a very distinct position as a ruthless critic of the weaknesses and failings of religions during his period. He was a vehement critic of caste system and discrimination against mankind on the basis of caste and creed.


He lived from 1440 to 1518. However, not much data is available about his place of birth and date of birth. It is said that he was born to a Hindu mother and later on brought up by a Muslim weaver Niru and his wife Niama. But from his infanthood, he had love for the name of God, both of Hinduism and Islam. In fact, Kabir was a disciple of Saint Ramananda who was a Vaishnava ascetic propounding faith in a personal God.


Kabir was a saint-poet for non-literate masses. Through his songs, Kabir laid emphasis on tolerance, truth and belief in one God. He repudiated the authority of the religious scriptures and blind beliefs. He strongly condemned idolatry. He died in 1518.