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Guru Tegh Bahadur was a Sikh Guru. He was born on April 1, 1621 at Amritsar. He was the youngest son of Guru Hargobind. Owing to a minor skirmish with the Mughal force, Guru Hargobind removed his family from Amritsar to a nearby village called Jhabal.


Guru Tegh Bahadur was brought up in the approved Sikh style. As a young boy, he was placed under the tutelage of Bhai Buddha and Bhai Gurdas. The former supervised his training in archery and horsemanship and the latter taught him the old classics. Tegh Bahadur gave evidence of a deeply mystical temperament by his prolonged spells of seduction and contemplation. This strain of his genius is best expressed in his superbly sublime poetry preserved in the Guru Granth.


On February 4,1633, Tegh Bahadur was married to Gujari. Old texts record that Tegh Bahadur took part in the battle of Kartarpur in 1635. He maintained the marks of worldly dignity. But he himself lived austerely. He died in 1675.