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Guru Hargobind Ji, the son of Guru Arjun Dev, was born in 1595. Being a faithful son, Hargobind ji organised an army following the order of his father. And when he was installed as Guru, he opined that he should wear two swords, one representing his spiritual leadership and other his temporal and political leadership. Soon after it, he constructed in front of the Amritsar temple, another building, called the ‘Akal Takht’ (God’s throne) as the seat of temporal power.


He advised every Sikh to keep a sword and maintain a horse at any cost. But all these activities and proclamations were seen as a challenge to the Mughal empire. After a long battle with the Mughal army, the Guru was imprisoned in the Gwalior fort. He sponsored the cause of the downtrodden Hindus and provided leadership to the oppressed people of Punjab. The Guru himself controlled both the religious centre and the temporal centre at Amritsar. In fact, secure and clear foundations of the Sikh religion was laid by him.