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Guru Har Krishan Ji, the successor of Guru Har Rai, became the Sikh Guru in 1661. He asked, after the death of Guru Har Rai, his disciples, not to give way to despair but abide by the will of the Almighty. All should sing God’s praises and not weep or lament.


He had phenomenal ability in quoting passages from the Holy Granth. He reminded his disciples to cherish the one God alone, and asked them to discard passions and learn the virtues of patience, charity and love. His views about life was very simple and pragmatic: “Both happiness and suffering are part of life. He who has faith gains all. He who is without faith acquires but little. The body is mortal. Daily bow your head to it. So will you conquer your passion and attain liberation.”


His fame was disliked by the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. He called the Guru to attend court. The Guru came to Delhi and was put up in Raja Jai Singh’s bungalow which is now the site of Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. Aurangzeb too was influenced by him. He died on March 30,1664.