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Amardas Ji became the Sikh Guru in 1552 when he was in his seventies. He was born in 1479 at village Basarke near Amritsar. His father was Tej Bhan Bhalla, a local petty trader. Guru Amardas had a wife, two sons and two daughters. He often visited Haridwar and Jwalamukhi, - pilgrimage centres and strictly observed all religious rites and ceremonies.


Before coming into contact with Sikhism, Guru Amardas had crossed sixty years of age. His brother Manak Chand lived nearby, whose wife Bibi Amro used to sing Guru Nanak’s hymns. He took many significant steps. He established new centres for conveying to the people the messages of Guru Nanak. Guru Amardas Ji condemned Hindus for Sari, allowed widow remarriage and against caste system he started ‘Guru Ka Langar’. He passed on his guruship to his son-in-law, Ramdas Sodhi, who was his most devoted disciple. He organised the proselytisation of Sikh faith into ‘Manjis’. He divided the area into 22 branches called ‘Manjis’ and appointed a local Sikh preacher at each place. He died in 1574.