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Born November 7, 1918, in Charlotte, North Carolina. Oldest of 2 sisters, 2             
brothers. Father: dairy farmer. Parents both lived into his adulthood. Raised           
Presbyterian. Schooled through college. Childhood distinctions: gregarious,             
energetic. 1934 answered altar call from revivalist Mordecai Ham. 1937 began             
Florida Bible Institute. 1938 committed to Christ on Florida golf course. 1939           
ordained Baptist minister. 1940 began Wheaton College. 1943 graduated Wheaton,           
married Ruth Bell (with whom he had three daughters, two sons), began pastoring         
Hinsdale, Illinois. 1944 began 'Songs in the Night' radio program, preached at           
Youth for Christ rallies of Torrey Johnson. 1946 in England with Youth for               
Christ. 1948 formed his 'team' (Grady Wilson, Cliff Barrows and Bev Shea),               
brainstormed Crusade principals in 'Modesto Manifesto'. 1949 national figure             
during Los Angeles rally. 1950 launched 'Hour of Decision' radio program,               
bungled meeting with President Truman, incorporated Billy Graham Evangelical             
Association. 1951 began World Wide Pictures film studio. 1953 with Eisenhower           
began friendships with American presidents. 1953 Peace with God (first of his           
many books). 1954 triumphant England Crusade. 1956 launched Christianity Today           
magazine. 1957 notable New York Crusade. 1977 crusaded behind Iron Curtain (Hungary).   
1982 preached in Russia. 1984 full-fledged Russian crusade. 1990 began vast             
satellite network Mission World to reach 100 million. 1995 Global Mission               
reached one billion!