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Name: Robert Saudek                                                               
Born: 21 April 1880 Kolìn, Bohemia                                               
Died: 15 April 1945 London, England                                               
Robert Saudek had an undeniable influence on the content and standing of           
graphology worldwide. Beside his major graphology works, he wrote over ten         
fictional novels or plays. He also published numerous articles in many languages   
in periodicals as diverse as The Listener, Zeitschrift für Menschenkenntnis and   
the Journal of Social Psychology.                                                 
The professional graphology society in the Netherlands, still fully functioning,   
was founded by Saudek. He also started two academic periodicals: one in Dutch     
and the other in English. Many graphologists worldwide today use Saudek's work   
without knowing the origin.