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Name: William C. Graham                                                           
Born: 17 March 1939 Montreal                                                     
William C. "Bill" Graham (born March 17, 1939, in Montreal, Quebec) is a         
former Canadian politician. In 2006, he was Canada's Leader of the Opposition as 
well as the interim leader of the Liberal Party of Canada between the             
resignation of Paul Martin and the election of Stephane Dion as his successor.   
Graham was variously Minister of National Defence and Minister of Foreign         
Affairs in the cabinets of Jean Chr├ętien and Paul Martin prior to the election   
of the Conservative government.                                                   
Several days following the defeat of the Martin Liberal government in the 2006   
federal election, Graham was appointed parliamentary leader of the Liberal Party 
and Leader of the Opposition. On March 18, 2006, following the party executive's 
acceptance of Martin's resignation as leader, Graham was officially appointed     
interim leader of the Liberal Party. Graham held the position until the           
Liberal leadership convention chose St├ęphane Dion as Martin's permanent         
successor on December 2, 2006. Graham retired from the House of Commons on July   
2, 2007 in order to clear his seat for a by-election.