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Name: Valerie Plame Wilson                                                         
Born: 19 April 1963 Anchorage, Alaska                                             
Valerie Elise Plame Wilson (born Valerie Elise Plame 19 April 1963, in Anchorage, 
Alaska), known as Valerie Plame, Valerie E. Wilson, and Valerie Plame Wilson, is   
a former United States CIA Operations Officer whose covert identity was           
classified and the wife of former Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson IV.                 
After working for the CIA for twenty years, she retired in December 2005, as a     
result of the publication and compromising of her classified cover identity by     
an American journalist in the summer of 2003.                                     
On 14 July 2003, Robert Novak identified "Wilson's wife" publicly as "an agency   
operative on weapons of mass destruction" named "Valerie Plame" in his             
syndicated column in The Washington Post. In that column Novak was responding     
to an op-ed entitled "What I Didn't Find in Africa," written by Wilson and         
published in the New York Times the previous week, on July 6, 2003. In his op-ed, 
Wilson stated that the George W. Bush administration exaggerated unreliable       
claims that Iraq intended to purchase uranium yellowcake from Niger to support     
the administration's arguments that Iraq was proliferating weapons of mass         
destruction so as to justify its preemptive war in Iraq.                           
Novak's public disclosure of Mrs. Wilson's then-still-classified covert CIA       
identity as "Valerie Plame" precipitated what is known as the Plame affair,       
leading to the CIA leak grand jury investigation, which resulted in the           
indictment , conviction and commuted sentence (prior to the anticipated full       
pardon by President Bush) of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby in United States v. Libby   
on charges of perjury, obstruction of justice, and making false statements to     
federal investigators. A civil lawsuit filed by the Wilsons, Plame v. Cheney,     
against current and former government officials, followed, but was dismissed on   
July 19, 2007, in the District Court for the District of Columbia. The Wilsons     
appealed the decision the next day.                                               
Mrs. Wilson's memoir, Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by the White       
House, was published on October 22, 2007.