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Name: Newton Leroy Gingrich                                                       
Born: 17 June 1943 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania                                       
Newton Leroy Gingrich (born June 17, 1943), served as the Speaker of the United   
States House of Representatives from 1995 to 1999. In 1995, Time magazine         
selected him as the Person of the Year for his role in leading the Republican     
Revolution in the House, ending 40 years of Democratic Party majorities in that   
body. During his tenure as Speaker he represented the public face of the         
Republican opposition to Bill Clinton.                                           
A college history professor, conservative political leader, and prolific author, 
Gingrich twice ran unsuccessfully for the House before first winning a seat in   
November 1978. He was re-elected 10 times, and his activism as a member of the   
House's Republican minority eventually enabled him to succeed Dick Cheney as     
House Minority Whip in 1989. As a co-author of the 1994 Contract with America,   
Gingrich was in the forefront of the Republican Party's dramatic success in the   
1994 Congressional elections and subsequently was elected Speaker. Gingrich's     
leadership in Congress was marked by opposition to many of the policies of the   
Clinton Administration, culminating in the impeachment of President Clinton.     
Shortly after the 1998 elections, where Republicans lost 5 seats in the House,   
Gingrich announced his resignation as Speaker.                                   
After resigning his seat, Gingrich has maintained a career as a political         
analyst and consultant and continues to write works related to government and     
other subjects, such as historical fiction.