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Name: Joseph Marion Hernandez                                                     
Born: 4 August 1793                                                               
Died: 8 June 1857                                                                 
Jose Mariano Hernández (August 4, 1793-June 8, 1857) was the first Hispanic       
American to serve in the United States Congress and was the first Delegate from   
the Florida Territory. He served from September 1822 to March 1823.               
Hernández was born in St. Augustine, Florida when it was still a Spanish colony. 
After his Congressional service, he joined the United States Army and fought in   
the (Second) Seminole War in Florida, aiding in the capture of Chief Osceola. He   
retired with the rank of Brigadier General.                                       
He was an unsuccessful Whig candidate for the United States Senate in 1845. He     
later moved to Cuba and engaged as a planter in the District of Coliseo, near     
Matanzas and died at the family’s sugar estate, "Audaz", in the District of     
Coliseo, in Matanzas Province. He's interred in the del Junco family vault in     
Necropolis San Carlos Borromeo, Matanzas.                                         
In 1837, while with the U.S. Army, he was ordered to build a road between St.     
Augustine, Florida and Fort Capron, located near present day Fort Pierce,         
Florida, on the St. Lucie River. Hernandez cleared and blazed the route that, 12   
years earlier, Col. James Gadsden had cleared along the Atlantic Coastal Ridge     
to the St. Lucie River. It passed from Fort Capron through Fort Vinton, Fort       
Drum, Fort Kissimmee, Fort Clinch, Fort Meade to Fort Brooke (Tampa).