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Name: John Robert Bolton                                                                 
Born: 20 November 1948 Baltimore, Maryland                                               
John Robert Bolton (born November 20, 1948), is an American diplomat who has             
served in several Republican presidential administrations, and who served as the         
Permanent US Representative to the UN from August 2005 until December 2006, on a         
recess appointment. He resigned in December 2006, when his recess appointment           
would have ended. He is not related to American singer-songwriter Michael               
Bolton. Bolton is involved with a broad assortment of conservative think                 
tanks and policy institutes, including the American Enterprise Institute (AEI),         
Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA), Project for the New             
American Century (PNAC), Institute of East-West Dynamics, National Rifle                 
Association, US Commission on International Religious Freedom, and the Council           
for National Policy (CNP).                                                               
Bolton was formerly involved with Committee for Peace and Security in the Gulf (CPSG),   
Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Federalist Society, National Policy Forum,           
National Advisory Board, Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, New Atlantic           
Initiative, Project on Transitional Democracies, and U.S. Agency for                     
International Development (USAID).