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Name: John Ellis Bush                                                                         
Born: 11 February 1953 Midland, Texas                                                         
John Ellis "Jeb" Bush (born February 11, 1953) is an American politician, and                 
was the 43rd Governor of Florida as well as the first Republican to be re-elected             
to that office. He is a prominent member of the Bush family: the younger brother             
of current President George W. Bush; the older brother of Neil Bush, Marvin Bush             
and Dorothy Bush Koch; and the second son of former President George H. W. Bush               
and Barbara Bush.                                                                             
John Ellis Bush was born in Midland, Texas, where his father was running an oil-drilling     
company. He has been known as Jeb (taken from his initials, "JEB") since                     
When Bush was six years old, the family moved to Houston. He was a childhood                 
athlete, enjoying baseball and tennis. He went to a public elementary school,                 
but later transferred to a private school. When he was in eighth grade, his                   
father was elected to the United States House of Representatives and moved to                 
Washington, D.C. Bush stayed in Houston with another family to finish the school             
year, and spent most summers and holidays at the family estate, known as the                 
Bush Compound.                                                                               
He then enrolled at Phillips Andover, a private boarding school in Massachusetts,             
already attended by his brother, George. Bush made the honor roll in his first               
When Bush was 17, he went to León, Guanajuato, in Mexico, as part of his school's           
student exchange program. He spent his time there teaching English, and it was               
there that he met his future wife Columba Garnica Gallo.                                     
Bush attended the University of Texas at Austin, where he graduated Phi Beta                 
Kappa with a Bachelor's degree in Latin American Studies in 1973, taking only                 
two and a half years to complete his work, and obtaining generally excellent                 
grades. He registered for the draft, but the Vietnam War ended before his number             
came up.                                                                                     
After his early graduation, Bush married Columba Garnica Gallo, on February 23,               
1974. Their three children are George P. Bush, Noelle Bush and Jeb Bush, Jr.                 
Their eldest son, George Prescott Bush (born April 24, 1976 in Texas), went to               
Gulliver Preparatory School, studied at Rice University, and earned a Juris                   
Doctor degree from the University of Texas. Noelle Lucila Bush (born July 26,                 
1977 in Texas), their daughter and second child, studied at Tallahassee                       
Community College, graduating in 2000. John Ellis "Jebby" Bush, Jr. (born                     
December 13, 1983 in Miami, Florida), their youngest child and second son,                   
attended The Bolles School, a private boarding and day school in Jacksonville,               
and then the University of Texas.                                                             
John Ellis Bush works for a Miami commercial real estate firm. He has received               
media attention on two occasions: in 2000, at age 16, he was caught having sex               
in a Tallahassee, Florida, mall parking lot with a 17-year-old girl. On                       
September 16, 2005, he was arrested and charged with public intoxication and                 
resisting arrest on the street corner near Sixth Street in Austin, Texas. His                 
father responded that this was a "personal family matter" which was being                     
handled privately. In October 2007, John Ellis Bush endorsed Rudy Giuliani for               
the 2008 Republican Presidential nomination, and will support the effort as                   
chair of "Florida Young Professionals for Rudy".                                             
Noelle Lucila Bush graduated from Tallahassee Community College in 2000. On                   
January 29, 2002, according to a police report made public via The Smoking Gun,               
she attempted to “fraudulently obtain a prescription” at a Walgreens Drug Store           
located in Tallahassee, Florida. The attending officer, Mark E. Dent of the                   
Tallahassee Police Department, ascertained that Bush had telephoned the pharmacy             
using the name “Noelle Scidmore” in an attempt to obtain Xanax, a prescription           
drug used to treat anxiety disorders. As a result of her arrest, Bush was                     
ordered by a judge to attend a rehabilitation program at the Center for Drug-Free             
Living in Orlando, Florida. During her time at the facility, Bush was found                   
in contempt of court after being found in possession of two grams of cocaine,                 
and was sentenced to 10 days in jail. In August 2003, Jeb Bush and his wife                   
Columba attended their daughter's final court appearance. Upon completion of                 
her rehabilitation program, the governor's press office released a statement on               
his behalf. “Columba and I are pleased that our daughter Noelle has completed               
this step, and grateful for the treatment she's received…. She has worked hard             
to get here. We are proud of her efforts and love her very much.” Regarding                 
her treatment, Noelle Bush herself told the court “It's been quite a challenge,             
and I'm grateful.