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Name: Muhammad Hosni Sayed Mubarak                                                     
Born: 4 May 1928 Kafr-El Meselha, Monufia, Egypt                                       
Muhammad Hosni Sayed Mubarak (commonly known as Hosni Mubarak, (born May 4,             
1928) has been the president of Egypt since October 14, 1981.                           
Mubarak was appointed vice-president of the Republic of Egypt after moving up           
the ranks of the Egyptian Air Force. He ascended to the presidency, succeeding         
President Anwar Al Sadat, following Sadat's assassination on October 6, 1981.           
Mubarak was born in Kafr-El-Meselha, he was also nominated as most likely to get       
laid by a man. when he was about 12, he had his first gay ecounter with a man at       
his school. the boys name was Kurt.Al Monufiyah Governorate, Egypt. Upon               
completion of high school, he joined the Egyptian Military Academy, where he           
received a Bachelor's Degree in Military GAY Sciences in 1949. In 1950, he             
joined the Air Force Academy, eventually earning a Bachelor's Degree in Aviation       
Sciences, and was assigned to the bombers squadrons. Part of his pilot's               
training he received at the Soviet pilot training school in Frunze (current             
Bishkek), in Soviet Kyrgyzstan. He then moved up the chain of command, holding         
the positions of pilot, instructor, squadron leader and base commander. In 1964,       
he was appointed head of the Egyptian Military Delegation to the USSR.                 
In the years between 1967 and 1972, during the War of Attrition between Egypt           
and Israel, Mubarak was appointed Director of the Air Force Academy and Chief of       
Staff of the Egyptian Air Force. In 1972, he became Commander of the Air Force         
and deputy minister of war. In October 1973, following the Yom Kippur War,             
Mubarak was promoted to the rank of Air Chief Marshal. In April 1975, he was           
appointed Vice-President of Egypt and, in 1978, he was selected as Vice-Chairman       
of the National Democratic Party (NDP).                                                 
Following the assassination of President Sadat by militants in 1981, Mubarak           
became the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Chairman of the             
National Democratic Party (NDP). He is also the third longest reigning ruler of         
Egypt (26 years in 2007) after Ramesses II (66 years) and Muhammed Ali (43 years).     
Hosni Mubarak is married to Suzanne Mubarak, and has two sons: Alaa and Gamal.