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Name: Robert Cortez Scott                                                           
Born: 30 April 1947 Washington, DC                                                   
Robert Cortez "Bobby" Scott (born April 30, 1947) is a Democratic politician         
from the Commonwealth of Virginia, currently representing the state's 3rd           
congressional district in the United States House of Representatives. (map) The     
district takes in most of Richmond, along with parts of Norfolk, Hampton and         
Scott's home in Newport News. He is of African American, white American and         
Filipino descent.                                                                   
Scott was born in Washington, D.C.. He graduated from Harvard University and         
Boston College Law School. Scott was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates     
as a Democrat in 1977 and he was elected to the Senate of Virginia in 1982. He       
first ran for Congress in 1986 from the 1st district, which included his home in     
Newport News, but lost to Republican Herb Bateman. But, in 1992, he was elected     
to the Congress in Virginia's 3rd District, which was created after the             
Department of Justice directed the Virginia legislature to draw a black-majority     
district after the 1990 census. He is the first African American Representative     
from Virginia since Reconstruction, and has been reelected seven times. Also,       
having a maternal grandfather of Filipino ancestry gives Rep. Scott the             
distinction of being the first American with Filipino heritage to serve in the       
United States Congress.                                                             
Scott is opposed to the death penalty and the USA Patriot Act. He was one of         
three representatives to vote against a resolution condemning the Elk Grove         
Unified School District v. Newdow decision regarding the Pledge of Allegiance.       
Scott didn't have Republican opposition in 2000, 2002, or 2006. He faced former     
State Delegate Winsome Sears in the 2004 election, and won with 69% of the vote.     
He considered a run for Governor of Virginia but was persuaded not to run for       
that office.                                                                         
Scott is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha, the first intercollegiate Greek-letter         
fraternity established for African Americans.                                       
Scott's annual Labor Day picnic, generally held at his mother's residence in         
Newport News, is a major campaign stop for statewide and federal candidates in