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Name: Benjamin Reifel                                                               
Born: 19 September 1906                                                             
Died: 2 January 1990                                                                 
Dr. Benjamin "Ben" Reifel (September 19, 1906 - January 2, 1990), a Lakota Sioux     
and a Republican United States Congressman from the First District of South         
Dakota; born on the Rosebud Indian Reservation near Parmelee, Todd County, South     
Dakota. Served in World War II in Europe, achieving the rank of Lieutenant           
Colonel. Employed by the Department of the Interior since 1933, resigning as         
Aberdeen, South Dakota area administrator of the Bureau of Indian Affairs in         
March 1960. Received his PhD in public administration from Harvard University in     
1952. Elected to the Eighty-seventh Congress and to the four succeeding             
Congresses (January 3, 1961-January 3, 1971); was not a candidate for re-election   
in 1970 to the Ninety-second Congress.