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Born: 1928                                                                           
Birthplace: Fujian Province, Hui'an                                                   
Zhang Qian'er, male, Han nationality, is a native of Hui‘an, Fujian Province. He   
was born in 1928 and graduated from the Chemistry Department of Xiamen               
University in 1951. Zhang completed postgraduate studies of the Chemistry             
Research Institute of Xiamen University in 1954. In 1956, he joined the China         
Peasants and Workers Democratic Party.                                               
A career academic, Zhang has spent most of his adult life affiliated with his         
alma mater, Xiamen University. Along graduating and completing postgraduate           
studies at the university, Zhang lectured and directed the teaching and research     
section at Xiamen. He later served as the dean of the chemical department at the     
university and eventually rose to become the president of the chemistry               
institute at Xiamen.                                                                 
Along with his university responsibilities, Zhang directed the Fujian Material       
Structure Research Institute at the Chinese Academy of Sciences and was               
president of the Fujian Provincial Chemistry Society . In 1982, Zhang won a           
first-class State Natural Science Award and a second-class Scientific and             
Technological Progress Award from the State Education Commission for his             
accomplishments in physics.                                                           
In 1998, he was elected a standing committee member of the 9th CPPCC National