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Name: Samuel Milton Jones                                                               
Born: 1846                                                                               
Died: 1904                                                                               
Samuel Milton Jones, a.k.a. "Golden Rule Jones", lived from 1846 to 1904 and             
served as a Progressive Era Mayor of Toledo, Ohio from 1897 to 1904, passing             
away while still in office. Born in Denbighshire, Wales, he is famous in Toledo         
for his advocacy of the Golden Rule, hence his nickname. The idea of the "Goldern       
Rule" is that you should treat others the way you would like to be treated. Many         
religions agree with this idea yet Jone's religion is currently unknown. Later           
many people would argue against him, but he is an important part of American             
His administration as mayor was noted for its efficiency and honesty. Jones             
Junior High School, located in Toledo's South End, is named for him.                     
Jones was originally a businessman. In 1894, he began the Acme Sucker Rod               
Company. He announced that the one company rule was the Golden Rule. He set up a         
Golden Rule Hall, a Golden Rule Dining Room, Golden Rule Park, even a Golden             
Rule Band.