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Name: Clarissa Harlowe Barton                                                                 
Born: (December 25, 1821)                                                                     
Died: (April 12, 1912)                                                                         
Clarissa Harlowe Barton was born (December 25, 1821) in Oxford, Massachusetts                 
to Stephen and Sarah Barton. She was the youngest of five children. Barton's                   
father and mother were abolitionists. Clara's father was a farmer and horse                   
breeder, while her mother Sarah managed the household. The two later helped                   
found the first Universalist Church in Oxford.                                                 
As a child, Clara was shy. She had two brothers Stephen and David and two                     
sisters Dorothy/Dolly and Sally, who were at least ten years older than her.                   
Young Clara was home-educated and extremely bright.                                           
Was a pioneer American teacher, nurse, and humanitarian. She has been described as having had 
a "strong and independent spirit" and is best remembered for organizing the                   
American Red Cross.                                                                           
Clara Barton Birthplace Museum in North Oxford, Massachusetts is operated as                   
part of the Barton Center for Diabetes Education, a humanitarian project                       
established in her honor to educate and support children with diabetes and their