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Name: Sime Silverman                                                                 
Born: 1873                                                                           
Died: 1933                                                                           
Sime Silverman (1873-1933) was an American newspaper publisher best known as the     
founder of the weekly Variety in New York in 1905 and the Hollywood-based Daily     
Variety in 1933.                                                                     
Silverman, born in Cortland, New York, was the publisher and editor of Variety       
until his death from a heart attack at the Ambassador Hotel on Wilshire             
Boulevard soon after launching the daily.                                           
His son Sidne (1901-1950), known as "Skiggie", succeeded him as editor and           
publisher of both publications. Both Sidne and his wife, stage actress Marie         
Saxon (1905-1942), died of tuberculosis. Their only son Syd, born 1932, was the     
sole heir to what was then Variety Inc.                                             
Guardian Harold Erichs oversaw Variety until 1956. From then Syd, who graduated     
from Princeton, took over and managed the company until 1987, when he sold it to     
Cahners Publishing (now Reed Elsevier) for US$64 million.