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Name: Sheilah Graham Westbrook                                                     
Born: 15 September 1904 Leeds, England                                           
Died: 17 November 1988 Palm Beach, Florida, USA                                   
Sheilah Graham Westbrook (September 15, 1904-November 17, 1988) is best known as   
a nationally syndicated gossip columnist during Hollywood's "Golden Age," who     
with Louella Parsons and Hedda Hopper wielded power to make or break careers       
prompting her to describe herself as "the Last of the unholy trio." Others may     
know her only for her notorious relationship with F. Scott Fitzgerald, which she   
played a part in immortalizing through her autobiographical account of that       
period, Beloved Infidel, a best-seller made into a movie. In her youth, she had   
been a showgirl, and a freelance writer for Fleet Street, and published a few     
short stories and two novels. These early experiences would converge in a career   
that spanned nearly four decades as a successful columnist and author.