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  Name: Robert Novak                                                               
  Born: 26 February 1931                                                           
  Robert David Sanders "Bob" Novak (born February 26, 1931) is a conservative       
  American political commentator and journalist. Over his career, Bob Novak has     
  become well-known as a columnist (writing Inside Report since 1963) and as a     
  television personality (appearing on many shows for CNN, most notably on three   
  former programs, The Capital Gang, Crossfire, and Evans, Novak, Hunt, and         
  Shields). His memoirs, entitled Prince of Darkness: Fifty Years Reporting in     
  Washington, were published in July 2007 by Crown Forum, a division of Random     
  House. "Prince of Darkness" was a nickname given to Novak by his friend, the     
  reporter John Lindsay, "because [Lindsay] thought for a young man I took a very   
  dim view of the prospects for our civilization," Novak said in an interview.