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Name: Mary Theresa Schmich                                                       
Born in Savannah, Georgia, the oldest of eight children, Schmich grew up in       
Georgia, attended high school in Phoenix, Arizona, and earned a B.A. from Pomona 
After working in college admissions for three years and spending a year and a     
half in France, Schmich attended journalism school at Stanford. She has worked   
as a reporter at the Peninsula Times Tribune, at the Orlando Sentinel and, since 
1985, at the Tribune. She spent five years as a Tribune national correspondent   
based in Atlanta.                                                                 
Her column started in 1992 and was interrupted for a year during which she       
attended Harvard on a Nieman Fellowship for journalists.                         
In addition to writing her column, Schmich is also the current author of the     
long-lived comic strip Brenda Starr and has worked as a professional barrelhouse 
and ragtime piano player.                                                         
About four times a year, Schmich and fellow Tribune metro columnist Eric Zorn     
write a week of columns that consist of a back-and-forth exchange of letters.     
Each December, Schmich and Zorn host the "Songs of Good Cheer" holiday caroling   
parties at the Old Town School of Folk Music to raise money for the Tribune       
Holiday Fund charities.