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Name: Ellen Goodman                                                                 
Ellen Goodman is an American journalist and Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated       
Goodman worked as a researcher and reporter for Newsweek magazine between 1963     
and 1965, and has worked as an associate editor at the Boston Globe since 1967.     
In 1998, Goodman received the Elijah Parish Lovejoy Award as well as an honorary   
Doctor of Laws degree from Colby College.                                           
Published books                                                                     
Turning Points (1979)                                                               
Close to Home (1979)                                                               
At Large (1981)                                                                     
Keeping in Touch (1985)                                                             
Making Sense (1989)                                                                 
Value Judgments (1993)                                                             
Paper Trail (2004)                                                                 
Co-author, with Patricia O'Brien:                                                   
I Know Just What You Mean : The Power of Friendship in Women's Lives (2000)